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Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and like every other system, it requires medical care, especially when you find a strange bump, lump, or lesion. Michael Stein, MD, FAAFP, at Pinnacle Personalized Healthcare in Salem, New Hampshire, is a family medicine physician who manages all your health needs, even those that affect your skin, such as an abscess, cyst, skin lesion, or strange-looking mole. For comprehensive skin care, call the office today or request an appointment online.

Abscess Q & A

What is an abscess?

An abscess is a painful lump that’s often red in color and warm to the touch. In most cases, an abscess is caused by an infection and is filled with bacteria, pus, and debris.

You can develop an abscess on any part of your body, but they most often occur in the glands of the armpits, genital area, or base of your spine. You can also develop an abscess around a hair follicle, which is referred to as a boil.

Unlike other types of infections, an antibiotic may not clear up your abscess. Dr. Stein can treat your abscess with an incision and drainage to clear out the infection. He then prescribes antibiotics to kill any remaining bacteria and prevent a recurrence.

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a pocket under the skin filled with fluid, pus, or other substances. You may develop a cyst from an infection or a clogged sebaceous gland. Cysts aren’t usually painful, but they don’t always go away on their own.

If you have a cyst, Dr. Stein can provide treatment to get rid of it by piercing your cyst and draining it. If your cyst is inflamed, you may benefit from a cortisone injection to reduce the inflammation. If your cyst recurs, it may need to be surgically removed.

When should I be concerned about a mole?

Moles are common and generally round and even in both shape and color. If you have a concern about a mole on your body, Dr. Stein can evaluate the skin lesion and determine if it’s something that requires further testing.

You may be able to identify an atypical mole that may indicate a cancerous lesion by following the ABCDE characteristics:

  • Asymmetry: the mole is uneven
  • Border: irregular or hazy border
  • Color: uneven color
  • Diameter: larger than a pencil eraser
  • Evolution: change in how your mole used to look

Dr. Stein can also determine if it’s a basal cell carcinoma, which generally occurs on the sun-exposed areas of your body, such as your face and neck, and may have more of a pearly appearance. Basal cell carcinoma skin lesions may also bleed.

If Dr. Stein has any concerns about your mole, he can remove it and have it analyzed.

For management of any skin lesion you have concerns about, call Pinnacle Personalized Healthcare today or request an appointment online.