Michael j. stein, md, faafp

Dr. Mike, as he is known by his patients, is originally from Newton, Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Vermont and then went on to obtain his education from the University of Miami School of Medicine. He completed his residency at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio. He has maintained his Board Certification with the American Academy of Family Physicians since 1984 and was awarded the degree of Fellow in 1994.  From 1991 to 1996, Dr. Mike serviced as Chief, Department of Family Practice for Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center.  In 1988 he was recognized by Dartmouth Medical School for his participation in Cancer Prevention in Community Practice. He believes in lifelong learning and attends annual courses presented by the Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education.

Over the years, Dr. Mike has worked tirelessly to find the best way to offer affordable and compassionate care for his patients. In 1987 to 2003, he ran Family First Primary Care Associates in Salem, New Hampshire. He became the first known Direct Primary Care Physician in 2003 through his work for Rockingham Independent Medical Co-Op where he stayed until 2010. At this point, he went to work for Caritas Healthcare, which then became Steward Healthcare and remained there until 2016 which has led us to where we are today, in an independent functioning practice in Salem, New Hampshire.

As Dr. Mike’s patient, you will enjoy your time spent in the office. He ensures an atmosphere that is comfortable and casual. He will never make you feel rushed and will even allow for you to be actively involved in your care by fully visualizing your chart and resources he may be using with a double-sided computer screen in his office. You will also enjoy his method of practicing family medicine, reflecting his mid-western training, that allows for you to receive many services at your primary care office such as biopsies, joint injections, and dermatology procedures.

In his free time, you will find Dr. Mike cycling outdoors, taking a spin class, skiing, at home playing chef or in his woodworking shoppe.

Please enjoy reading more about Dr. Mike and his passionate personal philosophy of medicine in his BLOG on this website. You will also find reviews on here from his long-time patients, most of which have followed with him through his career as a family medicine physician for over 30 years.

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Sarah Proulx

After attending Saint Joseph's College, School of Nursing, Sarah joined Dr. Mike and Gena at Rockingham Independent Medical Co-Op in 2010. She quickly became everyone's favorite and Dr. Stein’s most invaluable asset. Her knowledge, skill and compassion is matchless. You will never find her without a kind word or a smile on her face.

When she is not climbing one of NH's 4000 footers, she is busy helping with her family business Massabesic Canoe and Kayak. She enjoys being outdoors while living an active and healthy lifestyle. Sarah is also known to everyone as a mother of three beautiful sons and will make your child feel more than comfortable with being at the doctors.              


Lauren graduated from the Greater Lowell Technical School Practical Nursing Program in 2015.  Lauren tells us that since childhood she knew that she would become a nurse, because her Nanna Mullen always told her that she was meant to take care of others and help people.  Gena had the pleasure of working with Lauren in a former practice and knew that her caring personality and devotion to nursing would make her a great addition to our team. 

Lauren is also devoted to physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys working out at the gym - taking spinning classes with her husband Luis.  Together they enjoy the company of their three furry friends Milo, Logan and Leela, and traveling to Puerto Rico to visit family and enjoying those awesome traditional Puerto Rican foods. 



Gena and Dr. Mike met in Alabama shortly after his completion of his residency where he worked in a public service program. Gena worked at a rural hospital at this time as a respiratory therapist. The two of them joined forces in 1987 in New Hampshire and worked many years together – providing patient care that is above and beyond the norm. 

In recent years, Gena was the practice manager for multiple primary care practices and most recently has worked as a consultant in a surgical practice locally.

Her years of medical experience, knowledge of insurances and electronic health records, and that good old Southern Hospitality is what Gena brings to this practice. Her kindness and compassion are unmatched.

In her spare time, she will be found cycling, skiing, hiking, gardening and visiting with her two daughters (Lilli and Ariella). Of course, most of these activities are spent with Dr. Mike.